Training of Trainers (ToT), Game-Based Renewable Energy Learning for School Teachers was held on 29 May 2018 in Waingapu, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. The training was conducted in cooperation with local operational and maintenance company for solar panel installation in Sumba Island, RESCO (Renewable Energy Service Company).

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A total of 19 teachers attended the training. This activity aimed to train teachers or school facilitators on utilizing game to introduce renewable energy to students through game. The game is expected to be a teaching materials to increase knowledge of renewable energy among students which leads them to become a knowledge pioneer in their community.

Through a partnership between Hivos and Australia Alumni Grant, Hivos worked with Kummara, a game studio based in Bandung, West Java, focusing on serious game, gamification, and interactive system design. The game called AKATARA, in Sankrit means Energy. The game designed with attractive and colorful illustrations contains information on renewable energy.

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Dedy Haning, SII Project Coordinator, welcomed the participants with opening remarks delivering the training objectives then followed by interactive discussion on renewable energy as well as its the utilization in Sumba Island. Various topics were discussed among the participants including the prominent impacts of diverse technology adoption of renewable energy in transforming rural livelihoods.

The abundance of renewable energy sources existing in the island was also agreed by the participants as local natural resources and potentially can be utilized to enhance the livelihood. A feasibility study on the potential of ocean wave energy which can be transformed into electrical power also currently being conducted and this sort of effort is expected to reinforce the acceleration of 100% renewable energy in Sumba Island.

The participants also expressed positive responses about training subject as explained by Yuanti Putri, a school administrator of Matawa Iwi Elementary School. “The game is very useful and effective as a supporting material for students while studying. They would be able to absorb knowledge better while playing this game,” she said.

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Semuel Reda, a teacher from Mbatakkapidu Elementary School, also stated similar opinion about the training. Mbatakkapidu Elementary School is located in East Sumba and the entity gets certain benefits from renewable energy application to support school activities on a daily basis. Twelve solar panels installed in early 2017 and it has been generating sustainable electricity for school.

He stated that through this game the students can elevate their strategic planning skill and enhance the ability of mapping out the renewable energy sources and the technology application suitable for the island. “Students can be more easily to grasp the energy issues by optimizing the enormous potentials they have on the island, such as sunlight, wind, water flow and others,” he explained.