Located in the area where electricity and energy infrastructure are still lacking: Waingapu, East Sumba. This woman is a well-liked staff member of PT. RESCO (Renewable Energy Service Company) who works at the field surrounded by sunlight, installing electricity using her skill and passion.

The twenty-six-year-old woman, Jetty Arlenda Maro, she is also the only woman field technician in PT. RESCO. “When I was in the recruitment process, someone said to me that PT. RESCO is not a suitable workplace for women. I was a bit discouraged and upset,” she said. “But I still believe in myself, if it’s meant to be then it will be.”

It seems like a big deal to be a woman who works as a field technician, especially to be in the workforce where men are the only colleagues and where there are still some images saying that women do not belong to the field, climbing ladder, and installing panel system of a solar power plant. Fortunately, Jetty says that she does not feel marginalized by this male-dominated workforce. In fact, she even feels favorable and helpful since she is the only woman in the office.

Her university degree in electrical engineering and her capability in operating computer has led herself to be assigned as a field administrator and facilitator.

“Besides doing the installation, I’m also responsible in managing documents and financial needs of PT. RESCO,” she admitted. “I assume our current supervisor also believes that women are more meticulous about managerial works than men.” Jetty, with her technical ability and thoroughness, has found the opportunity to be more advanced than her male colleagues.

After a working for a year at PT. RESCO, Jetty feels that her physical, psychological state, as well as economic circumstance, improved. Jetty, a second daughter out of seven siblings, is now financially independent and able to help her parents. She even adopts a three-year-old child whom is now living together with her.

Her aspiration does not stop no matter the improvements she earned this far. In the future, she dreams to own a renewable energy resource installer in Sumba Island.

“I have exactly the same vision and mission as TERANG Project as part of Sumba Iconic Island initiative, that is to ‘illuminate’ people of Sumba,” she said. “I hope this project is sustainable, so that we can assist more schools and villages that are still unreachable by electricity. Together we can reach the vision target to make Sumba as an island with 100% renewable energy by 2025,” she added.

It’s hasn’t been always easy but she is really glad to work at PT. RESCO to help people of Sumba with all of her heart and more importantly, she has become the first woman solar PV field technician in Sumba or even in Indonesia.