Sumba Iconic Island

Sumba Iconic Island aims to create access to alternative renewable energy which will enable gender-balanced economic well-being to all. The program is supported through the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministrial decree number 3051 K/30/MEM/2015, designating Sumba as Alternative Renewable Energy Icon. Access to equitable green energy is key to improve livelihood as well as environmental sustanaibility in Sumba.

Sumba Iconic Island is a collaborative program between multiple stakeholders, set within an organizational framework as outlined in the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministrial decree number 556 K/73/DJE/201, re: the Iconic Island Implementation Team’s Budget Year 2015. It encompasses several Ministries, NTT province’s local Govenment and the Regencies of Sumba, PLN (State Electricity Company), NGOs, Hivos, and international donors such as ADB and the Norwegian Embassy.

Our vision

We are committed to:
• Ensuring the availability of energy for domestic consumption through the management of alternative renewable energy;
• Generating value-added from alternative renewable energy;
• Managing energy sustainaibly, including ensuring the preservation of environmental condition;
• Providing affordable energy, particularly for underprivileged population and disadvantaged regions;
• Developing local capacity to raise funds as well as manage technology and human resources in support of alternative renewable energy that brings about regional self-reliance;
• Utilize energy efficiently;
• Develop gender-balanced local economy through the use of renewable energy technology

Our Achievements to date

From 2011 until August 2014 our hard work has produced a number of  alternative renewable energy installations with a total capacity of 4,87 MW –contributing 9.8% out of the total of 37.4% of Sumba’s current electrification ratio, including:


4,158 households with access to electricity


14,868 units of solar-powered plants


100 units of wind-powered plants


1,173 biogas home-installations


12 units micro-hydro plants

  131 M

Rp. 131 billion of total investments in renewable energy

  16 & 27

16 training programs and 27 R&Ds in alternative renewable energy

Learn how Sumba Iconic Island is bringing positive changes:

Join Us!

Up to 37 MW of alternative renewable energy can be harvested from Sumba’s sun, water, wind, biogas, and biomass potentials –enough to supply the island’s electricity twice over until 2020. Together we can generate 100% green energy; increase electrification ratio to 95% by 2025; and bring about economic well-being for the island’s population and women in particular. Sumba Iconic Island’s success can be a model for alternative renewable energy solutions throughout Indonesia. Contact us, today!